Tender mollusks

There’s only you mesmerizing the gust
Something tender missing in my heart
I can’t say it’s a chance but I forgive
Neutralizing but harmful
You can’t give me a chance to live

A lot have tried but found bad endings
Curses and solutions you come with
I’ll pay just to have you again
Time is something I don’t have
In a another word, another life
Let’s meet and mingle once more

Write me a letter that’s expensive than life
Let your voice detect my mind
Sunrise shining to windows of my soul
Memories of hell turned into heaven
Not knowing what to do
But I’ll let you detect my destiny

You have been good to me
But I got to move on


Mood swings plus accepting favors

What’s in the air?
Mood swings and accepting favors
All that colonizing hearts was to paint a picture
You can’t stare in the iris , you are afraid
I’m mastering my patience, make my brain numb

You are part of this, but you are alone
A community filled with renegades
You have the apple and the world in your hands

God is of your kind, moving in shadows
No sight nowhere, I understand
No one wants to be disrespected
Your kind holds a power and a curse
Humanity and men falling for this

It’s a new world older, normal is a sickness
Your daughters using intuition to control us
Earth be our only home? A burden

Secrets and pressures, go way long
Your kind has to pay, or fall
Bow down to the wickedness
You are just a harbor no hope in it

Yin Yang of an Alchemist

I tried, sought to be like everybody else
I can’t, harmonize with this world, I can’t
Now they’re on my neck, they want me to change
Oh, they want me to go
Mother what happened? How’s that I be this way?

It’s like there was no choice, but the past should demise
I’m gifted, I’m cursed. I’ll never lose myself
Let the reality detest, I’m on a dissimilar frequency
I’m born again, I’m a desert eagle, always alone
The universe is playing games, I’m not ready to die
The conversation is getting louder and louder

The flower is on the concrete in a dark room
We were running away from coldness, now we are the frost
How funny what they trusted is what they acquired
Can you imagine if I was in your shoes? It’s not hate I guess
It’s a reflector, they want to be like me but not look like I
They heard my history but not my story

Have nothing to tell but so many to say, of Course its sickness
Aren’t you? Last time I checked there was no love in the room,
We don’t love one another, we are just trying to make each other happy
But fear conquered darkness, now we have to pay for what we took

A life that wasn’t ours, a borrowed frequency that’s all it was
I wish I was a genius, I am
You make me sick, whenever I feel insecure
My bride is a hybrid, half man half angel
Nothing but my precipitation
I can feel somebody loves me more than I love my self

I have seen tables turn, lovers becoming foes
Postpone my next meet up.
I just can’t risk trusting anyone
I’m curing

Through unfrequented days I attempt

Through unfrequented days I attempt
your sight was needed, to see me weep
I was treated like beast
Hopeless, I was born Hopeless
No thanks, there was no love

So disgusted you were, I was there
Maybe my pocket?
Maybe the friend?
Demise like this I won’t
Joyful you were whilst I hurt
you are a little child

Wise-man avoids troubles of the earth
I only learn from my mistakes
at the endings of the earth now
Searching for a simple one
in her red I shall sink
let it wash me, cleans my head

I was awry but you rushed
Sense isn’t the word
Pushed outside your temple
Congregations laughed

I owe God lots of money we live to learn
Now it feels like it’s about to fall
I’m not losing, being afraid isn’t the plan
It can’t be right always
At least I live to learn

Sunday post

Its good posting on a Sunday my favorite day of the week, well it depends where you are. But all in all it’s peaceful, and that’s what we all need.

I’ll be posting my poems from a collection I did some days back called “last time poetry collection”,consisting of five poems. I’m not going to help you find out what the poems are all about.

But I’m sure you will get picture, have a great one!


Is there another one alone?
Can’t you see they are alone?
Let’s put them all together

Let’s pretend they all have the same needs
The frequency is clouded
Why is everyone here?
Who am I to ask?

I have a past that keeps on coming back and forth
I have words that only I can pronounce
No wonder why she departed?
She couldn’t withstand the silence

A mind that only speaks when approached
A person full of blessings and curses
A young man trying to survive
There are no apologies to make

Another poem i did on the collection is called “My two”…

My two

It’s a baby! It’s another one!
Let the world know I’m blessed
Joy comes in the morning
In the afternoon we shall feast

In the evening they are going
Leaving me and mother
She has come all the way
To play father

We will sleep in shifts
They need warmth
Their father is gone
Maybe he was never there

War has taken everything
But not my two
Grow up little ones
You have a cemetery to clean

More to come …

My new passion

Now that I have a job and I’m at least earning something, I believe there is no better time to venture into other ways that can bring something to the table. Automatically something came to my mind and I started writing poetry, something I have been procrastinating on. Poetry is another way to bring ones feelings into the real world and to connect with the universe.

Without wasting much words here’s a piece of one of my poems in my upcoming poem collection, a poem called I‘m out;


I’m out


How it all changed, from good to pure

From I love you, to I should have stayed alone

Was it the friends or just evil whispering in your ears?

How come you can say I don’t provide?


I will gather the kids while you’re gone

I will tell them how good you’re

They should love you, you’re their mother

But I don’t know you anymore


I will leave everything

I will only take my scraps and rugs

Thank you for nothing

You are just someone I use to know


I want to at least come up with a book by the end of 2018 and by next year I will have my poems being published in notable magazines and newspapers on the local scene.

With enough hard work and a persisting mindset, I plan to be unique and to set a trend that will identify me as the only originator of my style.





MY ACTION AT HOME “benefits of education”.

After spending three months on a volunteering placement in Dedza it was time for me to do my action at home, and I wouldn’t chose any topic to do apart from that related to education. Malawi has high levels of unemployment in both the urban and rural setting and despite corruption and HIV and Aids having a vital role in this, uneducated communities are on forefront of hindering Malawi’s development.

In these modern days having no diplomas or degrees in Africa particularly in countries like Malawi can be considered a recipe for poverty. In a country so crippled by rampant abuse of public funds by institutions dedicated to changing welfare of communities, getting a job can appear to be a hustle. But still it is essential for citizens especially the millennial to get a job because even when Malawi’s number one economy pillar agriculture has suffered huge blows both from intermittent climate change and international markets not recognizing our products, untapped fields like ICT and arts could serve the nation for the next millennium but only if educated people are in control.

Women also have the power to inspire the nation education wise because an educated woman will obviously push her own children to go ahead with education in hopes of teaching them financial independence. This is so essential for the young individuals who spend much of their time with mums unlike their fathers, with such treatment they grew up with an enthusiastic personality towards education.

With this in mind I was inspired to carry out my initiative focusing on education with the theme “benefits of education”. First of all I had to plan the whole event twice because at the first venue the schedule in which they spared the program in wasn’t going to fit us no more. So there was a change of venue and topic from anti bullying which was to target senior primary school students to education for  juniors from standard one up to class five. The event was designed to capacitate both boys and girls, as universal as the theme sounds but the turnout was 95% female.

So instead of going to reach out students from a certain school, I with the help of a friend had to mobilize these young individuals from their homes by word of mouth both on the day of the event and prior. The target was thirty individuals and luckily we got over that number, thanks to the parents who were willing to release their young ones to attend.

We started with a song just to create a good climate for fun. After that everyone introduced themselves, then questions started kicking in.



First we started with asking the pupils what they wanted to become in ten years, each one of them had to stand introduce themselves and mention what they wanted to achieve in ten to twenty years’ time. Majority of the females chose denominations they had seen other females associate with such as Nurse, Secretary, doctor, teacher, soldier, and pilot while others chose something I can describe as outside the box or entrepreneurial like becoming an actor/actress or bank manager.

Secondly we had to put them in groups to get them to share how the denominations they had chosen would help improve communities they lived in and also to write and share ten of denominations they perceived as very cool or appealing to the public. This was made as to help them recognize something they could focus their egos on, (as young people with developing egos) despite meeting so many hustles on their way to archive them.


upload 4

Team B as they called themselves doing group work


After the second activity we sang two songs. It was time to get to the fears these young individuals face affecting them on their education.

osada.pngGoing to school with an empty stomach is a fact in malawi Continue reading “MY ACTION AT HOME “benefits of education”.”

Millennial Me

Aloha! To anybody reading this, first time after a very long break from blogging. Will I ever get back to those topics? nah, those belong in the past.

Who i’m i ? well, TBH I’m one of those “a little bit extroverted introverts” so enthusiastic about computers and wants to make a change in the world through ICT .

I will be going into university next month… (Say whaaaaaat! ) yep, doing my Bachelors in Computer Science.

Am I excited? Hell yeah! I’m. Not only coz I will be “mending my future” , but it’s something I’ve dreamt of doing ever since I was little. According to friends already in the field, the Computer science is creating a lot of jobs (i would recommend you give it a try).


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.—–Nelson Mandela

Back then papa was like “aint no one employing you with your computer stuff!”. Was he wrong? No he wasn’t, guy has been a dentist since the eighties how was he supposed to know anything from this #Geek side of life?

Well thanks to the college scholarships (one application window per year WTH!) , I know I will finish my two years and half degree in harmony.


Could have been a social scientist or a doctor……….. ………. …………… Anyway! What’s done is done (eyes to the future now champ!).

“Hope and pray for the best” (that’s what mama said) this time, I’m grinding for that degree.

Till next time!

It’s that **** millenial.