Waste management as the term says are planned actions carried out by society to control unusable or unwanted materials. These are materials that are considered of no use from all industries in an economy. These waste are collected from residential areas, offices rubbish bins, and industrial areas and are transported to the dumping sites and those that can be recycled are taken to the recycling sites. It’s very essential to explore Waste management best practices and the impact waste management activities have on Communities. It’s also important to look into how we can rehabilitate our Dumpsites and how innovation and technologies can be utilized to introduce effective and smart waste management systems.

One can say it’s quite obvious that every nation has in place waste management plans and activities that she feels are suitable in regards to population, or how industrialized the country is. But it’s vital to use proven strategies that deliver good results. The working methods include cooperating with the communities at a household level by persuading the masses to see the benefits of waste management. Women should also be encouraged to get involved and organizations carrying out these programs should set aside incentives to motivate individuals and increase participation.

At the managerial level institutions responsible for waste management should make sure there’s sustainable mobilization of financial resources to make sure they can carry out the needed tasks. Private institutions managing wastes should be able to impose political pleasure on local government to have suitable laws and policies that will go In line with their plans. On operations management, there should be monitoring of the resources and activities put at work. Local governments should encourage communities to view waste management as entrepreneurship and, institutions should engage traditional leaders in administration and management committees so as to ensure the targeted communities feel represented.

Waste management’s has also its bad impact on society, it has led to the spread of diseases and at worst even deaths. In a publication made to support the closure of the world’s fifty biggest dumpsites, International Solid Waste Association ISWA, states that there have been 750 deaths related to dumpsites registered within the first half of 2016. This only testifies that even the plans that have been working require to be revisited.

My country Malawi is one of many that utilize open dumpsites, and every time these dumpsites are flooded with industrial waste, there are majority homeless people flocking to these sites looking for their survival resources. None of these would have taken place if these dumpsites were enclosed and protected from the masses’ exploitation.

Waste management cries for a new approach and circular economy is the way to go. Electronic waste is one of the growing concerns in the 21st century, but in a circular economy it will be an obligation for these electronic manufacturers together with governments to establish a “lease to use approach” instead of “buy to use”. This approach will enable people to lease their preferred gadgets at a fee regulated by the government and private sector, and once they wish to use them no more they will be able to get them fixed or even upgrade to newer versions.

This approach towards waste management will enable the manufacturers to spend less on sourcing for new assembly parts or even raw materials since they will be able to retrieve these from the returned goods. Instead of purchasing and overloading our residential areas with electronic waste, let’s demand our leaders, governments and these manufacturers to think smart and think circular economy.

This blog has been submitted to the 2019 ISWA YPG Blog-writing Competition. The ISWA Young Professionals Group is dedicated to (and coordinated by) young professionals in order to encourage them to be proactive and support them in building their careers in the waste industry. #YPGblog2019 #ISWAClosingDumpsites

3 Odors

Rudimental was a dead hope
neonate so red and dead
Mother quarreled against God

Oceans of tears filled the theater
Lucifer won us all
a battle only the unhatched fought

A nightmare is a blessing
you suffer then you wake up

Agnes held an utterly gift
refusing to let him go
begging her love to return
to a place he never left

All hearts cursed Beelzebub
the pious worshiped

In the toilet I was
ready to fuddle the last drop
I sneaked in with me

Alas! A miracle
ever heard the story of Lazaro?
Love found in a hopeless place

Cheerfulness heard from afar
like a cheetah I hastened the corridors

Mother’s smile gutted the devil
little one charging, lungs out

I dropped a tear holding little Michael
as gravity pulled my bottle
a violent smash beamed from the ground

The theatre was engulfed by odors;
sorrow, joy and liquor

Felis catus

Beautiful and worthy
you’re you daughter
your summits draw my soul

Your rims allay my psyche
the coxae doe’s wonders moving you
your impudent makes me grin

Talking to you is a curse
all men wish to bind on

Yesterday we met on the way
in your sundress prompting like a deity
the reincarnation of Nefertiti

Your groin jets mole
snatching men off their cognizance
ramifications so polished can I affect?

Tyke of an iron lady
shielding you from marauders
salivating off your Rubenesque

Your brothers stand guard
warding the prima donna
ready to decollate convolutes

Is it real you’re human?
Is it true you fear too?

Will I deal to feed you?
If only your shadow imperils my imbecility
I’m divested off masculinity

Only in my stargazes do I won you
you prodigy fair sex

The veranda

Chin waggings and tittle-tattles bedimming the atmosphere
Alpha faunas seducing thirsty ears
resisting I couldn’t
the gossip had me salivating like a bulldog

Feminism was a lion roaring in a cave
every man passing made topic
Snatched by prehensile Rima orises

“Yesterday a man fell!”
Everybody laughed
“running from wife!”
Even louder

A lady in a yellow dress
asphyxiating in iniquity
she’s the leader

The theme conceiver
her destitute induces havoc

Rumor has it she’s barren
furiously she faults her hubby
detests novel mates

Stay away
else her octopus appendages pervade your spirit

Innocuous youth listen
to the witches’ stories
conceived by a spell

then head back to their ménages
Spoiled and twisted
ready to violate a happy home


My eyes were juiced
I couldn’t assure the time
an eclipse engulfed a brighter day

For dignity I opted civility
we were all we were
before blunders tainted Eden

Now here we are
another virile whose origins a mystery
Puts a ring on that sweet annualry

a heavy notion clogs my thorax

Abruptly everyone evaporates
there are three at the altar only me in the audience
the curate gazes into my quivery eyes and asks
“Any objections?”

The impregnable vox echoes bursts the temple walls

This is my time
to call her back
the one that got away

Charged with desire and despair
A Brobdingnagian thunder bangs my roof
as I wake up from the incubus
to a juvenile rainy day


love is a tragedy I will always remain a victim
captured in the moribund history that never shifts
you were once a home keen to warm my cold past
But I never loved you enough,

In a heaven of those you like I’m the angel you wish to burn
I’m a symbol of unsettling pain radiating from your spine
Judicial Gods are clawing from the pits of dark thoughts
Tormenting, engulfing my true sense of hope

I can’t stop thinking of you
No way I can describe the guilt of love
there is no lust without tragedy
how did you expect I was to end

You are a goddess that wanted me dead
you think love has a price and lust is cheap
why of all men you know I carry the chip
savage’s scream my shame for they know no future

The wise don’t talk, don’t listen either
so unnatural but something tells me not to give up

Lava floats

Rudiments of fragmented twigs lamenting blossoms
No land for the vibrant vital virtuosity
A taste of guacamole sliding tonsils taste
November no embers for senders and lenders
Darkness lousiness madness slackness sort justices

If you explore there’s no way out, don’t deny though
Galago was a tholepin canopying canoeist
I wish I knew life was a template not something from scratch
Create cremate no time for reverse
Expressing the words of lost minds interwoven in disguise

Jungles of jumbos with faces killers hidden like Rambo’s
Knife fights roses burned bridges and unsaid words
Mornings are now burdens especially on holidays
I wish there was someone to bail us out, my soul weeps
Incestuous tunes sent by foliage unborn vibrating forbiddingly

Life is a dark corridor, everyone holds a candle
Blessing others while trying not to trust
Past experience tormenting god’s child born to learn
Hope is overrated faith is underrated
My heart tells me to wait for the one I offended,
Reality says let go

All mine

A myth of the seven brides
Lucky woman your mother is
Making heathens bow to you goddess
doom micturated you for I, all mine

When I marvel you squander my pride
Nocturnal behaviors simmer down in your bearing
is it true you are here, why me, why us, now?
Only bravery can decipher you alpha fauna

I’m feebler every time I see you with someone
selfish manifest in quivery estrus
I’m infirmer overtime in your front
let love be air, I’ll breath for food

lavender flowing from your rima oris
fancying you is easy without attending
contradicting mazes arise trapping me in your matrix

There is no way out only in
how many have you trapped and why
you commoving Atrovent let me breath.

Tender mollusks

There’s only you mesmerizing the gust
Something tender missing in my heart
I can’t say it’s a chance but I forgive
Neutralizing but harmful
You can’t give me a chance to live

A lot have tried but found bad endings
Curses and solutions you come with
I’ll pay just to have you again
Time is something I don’t have
In a another word, another life
Let’s meet and mingle once more

Write me a letter that’s expensive than life
Let your voice detect my mind
Sunrise shining to windows of my soul
Memories of hell turned into heaven
Not knowing what to do
But I’ll let you detect my destiny

You have been good to me
But I got to move on

Mood swings plus accepting favors

What’s in the air?
Mood swings and accepting favors
All that colonizing hearts was to paint a picture
You can’t stare in the iris , you are afraid
I’m mastering my patience, make my brain numb

You are part of this, but you are alone
A community filled with renegades
You have the apple and the world in your hands

God is of your kind, moving in shadows
No sight nowhere, I understand
No one wants to be disrespected
Your kind holds a power and a curse
Humanity and men falling for this

It’s a new world older, normal is a sickness
Your daughters using intuition to control us
Earth be our only home? A burden

Secrets and pressures, go way long
Your kind has to pay, or fall
Bow down to the wickedness
You are just a harbor no hope in it